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Sparkling crystal jewelry to add to your life

Le 19 February 2015, 05:33 dans Humeurs 0


Solid crystal opaque, but in the world of all shapes and sizes. These are as different objects, sometimes is practical and the rest of the time for the target object fantasy. This kind of material has attracted its sheer beauty, inspired the creation of human objects of desire. In today's world of crystal must not be used to pottery and beautiful vase and the creative impulse to the crystal used in a different way. Today is the crystal by the people of the world for fine beautiful and precious objects. Crystal in different ways, such as jewelry, Gifts Articles, gifts, healing crystal polishing, stone and carved crystal.

There are many organizations processing wholesale crystal and choose to provide a diverse range of products. The company has been in the processing of these materials for many years, can hide you in the purchase of. They will be able to offer according to your request. They produce custom orders, and also make its popularity. They are in color, of course, can be an array. Crystal is more and more popular and its use innovation to further innovation in crystal provocation here. Another stimulus is a crystal jewelry.

Is there can be many varieties on the market, polished crystal, crystal in the wholesale crystal, natural crystal, ruby, cabochons and faceted crystal, crystal beads, crystal, crystal carving book thing. One can have many species in these groups. Natural crystal can change the same cluster, crystal and rough rock and some messy crystal including Green Onyx Black Agate of Brazil, Brazil, Ametrine, runes, tree agate, amethyst, agate turitella, Russia and China milky, milky way. Polished crystal is in the cutting specific shape like Pyramid, polishing the heart, different animal or paper weight. Popular side and faceted crystal azurite Malachite gems, purple crystal arc, arc purple Longjing, Sun Yumian, zebra marble arc, arc faceted gemstone seraphinite, malachite, agate, rhombohedral, banded iron tiger shaped. You will find in the wholesale market is a multi crystal

Pay attention to the quality and price. A market survey will make your life easier.

The large-scale popularization of the crystal has used jewelry. Crystal jewelry is a sweeping across the world because of its great variety of designs and price elasticity. Radiation quality and using preciouscrystals to create beautiful works of art but the price is also higher than the general masses to scale. The use of semi precious stones are widely applied to the supply of affordable price, beautiful work. Usually provided in the wholesale crystal jewelry market project of different crystal beads, earrings, bracelets, pendants, foot ring, ring, hair clips and pins, anklet. This is the wholesale crystal jewelry design and price can be in different as costume jewellery and precious jewelry.

Crystal and Feng Shui

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In Feng Shui, the Crystal Stone said, geomancy stone, because natural crystal gathered hundreds of billion years the aura of the world. From a variety of crust precipitation of natural elements, and then after many years of refining, various crystal forms, each crystal represents a different frequency of energy, and generates a magnetic field and different functional domains. In Feng Shui, according to the five elements of truth crystal, health Feng Shui, is important to the evolution of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

Five for health

Jin Changshui, water long wood, wood long fire, fire long earth and earth into gold.

The five elements of the conflict

Gold wood conflict, conflict, conflict, conflict of water, water gold fire conflict.

Gold, wood, water, fire, earthfive elements of healthy and conflict, evolution of all things, all things after the formation of the shape, color, reflected the inherent characteristics of the five elements.

Color: white, green and gold on behalf of, blue, pink, black, blue, grey and red, purple, yellow, Coffee.

Color destruction of life, the conflict is equivalent to five elements, colorful life, equivalent to five yuan of health. If the characters in the five elements lack a certain elements, most of the feng shui master to teach you choose suitable crystals to solve. In addition, the building is in the same area, if Home Furnishing Feng Shui, whether because of people, places, things changed the original air, or not good, most will be strong magnetic field using a crystal to change the Feng shui. To be honest, Feng Shui and feng shui theory, really too deep.

How to use crystal Feng Shui

Wealth home safety process: in house hanging crystal ball or put four white group, protective gas can form a home court, not only evil spirits to the maintenance of peace and security, more conducive to the smooth airflow and wealth.

The accumulation of wealth and gas to improve the Feng Shui to resolve the ghost: Amethyst hole to melt the ghost house not only, also can collect the blessing, enriched gas.

From evil spirits and vigorous TOWNHOUSE: financial condition or at home, put a white white druse, whether it is Townhouse from the evil evil, but they can be more prosperous.

In the students' Emotional Intelligence: the steady growth of student desk or bedside put Amethyst, intelligence can develop and improve the visual; caused by can also reduce the eyes pressure reading.

Anti TV, computer, microwave radiation: TV, computer, microwave radiation can be reduced by near transparent crystal cluster.

Entrance surface angle, trunk, wire rod, can be placed at the door hung a large crystal ball or crystal cluster, crystal column, solve the evil.

The bathroom door to door: life hanging crystal ball to dissolve the bad smell in the toilet door.

The beam on the bed: the beam hanging white crystal cluster or point, solve the beam pressure.

Business Flourishes and guest event: in the place of business of four corner Malachite help attract guests, counter, rose quartz or crystal will increase the popularity of commercial advantage.

Powerful wealth requirements: business premises, office or home seven yellow crystal or magic matrix, is a good way to attract wealth, Huang Shuijing beat all money, phantom creation career and wealth.

The mood and promote marriage: the fusion of pink crystal can promote the emotion in bed, pink crystal family, friendship, love also in the adaptation of the. Love can inspire and promote marriage.

Crystal birthday

Born in January, February in Chinese lunar calendar, the five elements are wood, improve their choice is no choice gold wood crystal, crystal.

Born in April, likely to Chinese traditional calendar, five elements belonging to the fire, better improve their choice is a crystal, don't choose wood crystal.

Born in July and August Chinese traditional calendar, which belongs to the five elements of gold, better improve their choice is fire crystal, do not choose a crystal.

Born in October and November of the lunar calendar, which belongs to the five elements of water, improve their choice is not selective fire crystal, crystal.

Members may be surprised, why didn't I mention of life on earth? Lunar New Year in March, June, was born in September and December people living soil, the teacher explained, everyone need to survive, riding in the land, means that the nature of any life on earth may be encountered in the crystal.

Crystal mysterious healing ability

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Throughout history, people endowed with special significance extraordinary things. Rare and more unique project, its value is higher. This value is more often than not money, many objects and materials endowed with magical or supernatural forces, superstition. Crystal ornaments, with their capability of absorbing, reflect and refract light in different colors, has been regarded as not only the beautiful things; they are thought to have some powers of healing and magic.

Types of crystal and its application

Although many people think that the quartz crystal as normal, colorless, in fact most of precious and semi precious gemstones itself is crystal. Crystal can also be a prominent form of man-made crystal salt and sugar plantation glass crystal. Because of their beauty and strength, crystal has become very popular jewelry. Crystal necklace with crystal beads strung into a beautiful, crystal pendants or set of crystal earrings. Many people collect crystals, such as quartz crystal angel statue, animal figurines etc.. The crystal is also a very popular indoor decoration materials, usually used for glasses, plates, bowls, windows, chandeliers, candlesticks and other ornamental and functional Home Furnishing items. SWAROVSKI crystal jewelry is also widely used in industrial.

Crystals and their power

Crystal power are considered to be linked to several aspects. Most crystals were found to have a positive effect, and the crystal of different substances can be some people than others more favorable. This is the central idea, crystal and astrology together, bringing some of the crystal will be gracious to those born in the constellation of certain. Other crystal power is more common, such as treatment or purification quality. Healing Crystals, because they know, most often wear jewelry or hanging in the house windows and doors. They are also often found hanging on the rearview mirror of vehicle. Because of their versatility, crystal ornaments to create the perfect gift, especially a crystal bracelet, necklace.

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