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Polishing quality will directly affect the value of crystal jewelry

Le 5 December 2014, 08:07 dans Humeurs 0

The following is a great skill, good idea, wise advice to choose a real, excellent quality, exquisite crystal jewelry, especially for you.

(a) material:

No gas or liquid inclusion shape star, cloud wadding made in a piece of crystal jewelry looking and crystal quality could be found, and select those jewelry made of crystals of pure, smooth and clear character, if it is found that touches the irregular rupture stripes, crystal points, it can decide inferior.

(b) process:

Processing technology of crystal products of two types: graver, for example, crystal necklaces, bracelets and Earrings crystal belongs to the polishing pad, and a Buddism godness Guanyin crystal inside carving statues, carved pieces snuff bottle belongs to.

So the process of crystal ornaments exquisitely detailed can not only display the crystal ornaments, such as the external beauty of the design, characteristics of style and symmetry, but also can explore the inherent beauty is as bright and clear quality, color is very clever.

(C) polishing:

Polishing quality will directly affect the value of crystal jewelry. Silicon carbide polishing process in machining process must be through the crystal, and a careless and coarsely friction will leave traces on the crystal surface. Good crystal has good transparency and gloss natural, as a place to say "enough by the heat of a fire".

(d) the eye:

For those crystal jewelry, such as necklaces strung fin, bangles and beads, crystal beads in the hole to see whether straight or unnecessary, hole size fine symmetry or not, and there is not a small crack. At the same time the hole wall should be clear, clean, transparent, no "white marks".

(E) color:

Even in the same type of crystal jewelry, has the texture and color of the different part. In a particular simple color crystal jewelry should be made with the same colour crystals, and the different colors of the crystal, crystal ornaments, it needs to have a texture and color, elegant appearance.

(f) appropriate:

When you are a piece of crystal jewelry shopping, you should wear it a try to see if and size, jewelry elasticity and length are suitable for you. An inlaid jewelry, crystal jewelry is to ensure strong is necessary, aesthetic standards. In addition, another consideration is the design of jewelry, styles and colors with your health, your skin, your face and your clothes.

No other accessories can aftertaste and glass jewelry is beauty

Le 5 December 2014, 08:04 dans Humeurs 0

No other accessories can aftertaste and glass jewelry is beauty. Glass ornaments can be manual manufacturing technology status from the sea of glass or using the most advanced glass. Fashion experts are increasingly using glass as an independent item of jewelry or as an important part of its creation.

The use of the design of glass ornaments of the most famous is the Venice River glasses. In the popular not far away is the glass jewelry design production from the Caribbean exotic beach glasses. In that they reflect the River Lagoon and clear the beach quiet and beautiful is a simple beauty.

If you want to add color to your wardrobe, and then wear jewelry glass bead necklace. Glass beads can be composed of various shapes and sizes of glass color. It will promote you in any situation.

If you want a more gentle, delicate glass ornaments, then you can choose smaller white or translucent glass beads. If you want a more leisurely and elegant accessories, blue eyes is perfect.

Glass decoration color your choices are almost limitless. Almost all known color, can be used to supplement your get up. Red and orange flame presence and purple or green colors can be used for a more formal look.

You can also choose a different shape, make your glass bead jewelry. This is the perfect round pearl, pearl shape approximation. There is also a heart-shaped glass beads, seeking to create a highly customized your glass ornaments.

Glass jewelry, but not limited to, used as a necklace. You can use the glass beads for your earrings and bracelets. Some glass jewelry can be made of gold or silver plate frame. In this way, you can increase the value of glass jewelry. Gold frame for earrings, glass beads is perfect. It can be for your glass earrings make it more attractive, create an illusion of depth.

Glass jewelry is a unique decoration. This is a standard luxury jeweler do not make a practice of design. So when you buy a glass jewelry, you can rest assured that you are designed just for you. There is no other glass jewelry design, will be the same as your. This adds to the charm of glass ornaments.

You must use a long glass bead jewelry Large Pendant, if you want to highlight your neck. It is also recommended if you are going to wear dark clothes with bright colored glass jewelry.

A more modern look, you can wear a V shaped black shirt or a sweatshirt and dark cotton decorated with yellow or light green glass necklace. Although these color doesn't scream, lively colour will balance your dark modern wardrobe.

On the other hand, if you choose to see the light color clothes for the end of the summer leisure, you must use a dark glass ornaments. Deep blue or yellow will be the perfect ensemble you inadvertently. The white background will set your jewelry separately, to make it more attractive.

There are so many jewelry stores

Le 5 December 2014, 08:01 dans Humeurs 0

Women are very concerned about her appearance and style of dress. Most of the time, they occupy decided their clothes, make-up and matching of clothing accessories. This is for the girl jewelry collection very difficult. The unique ethnic jewelry is the appreciation of the girl, if the jewelry is matched to the clothes you like it doesn't like it. The boy is very difficult to give consideration to the jewelry and the girls are crazy. Cheap costume jewelry, general is what kind of girl, they want cheap and matching fashion jewelry.

The boy can buy beautiful clothes for them with cheap jewelry, clothes girl to leave a good impression. This idea will not be too expensive, will surely impress the girl. There are so many jewelry stores, provide affordable jewelry collection. Do you want to visit a fashion shop and save time to online cheap clothing jewelry store, provide reasonable jewelry any clothing with any jewelry items. A person can get different range of jewelry and in accordance with the budget can buy any jewelry matching clothing. Because they help to find jewelry wholesalers to provide discount jewelry to the customer.

One can find all kinds of jewelry, made him look like a real life, my dear princess. Cheap costume jewelry can for her birthday gift special woman in your life is a great gift idea. Looking for decent and ethnic jewelry series, will further improve your love beautiful.

So, just start looking for some beautiful cheap clothing jewelry to match your favorite clothes. Wear when visiting any accidental parties play people the impression of the most grand manner. Find the traditional and the modern jewelry for your beauty and perfect touch.

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