Throughout history, people endowed with special significance extraordinary things. Rare and more unique project, its value is higher. This value is more often than not money, many objects and materials endowed with magical or supernatural forces, superstition. Crystal ornaments, with their capability of absorbing, reflect and refract light in different colors, has been regarded as not only the beautiful things; they are thought to have some powers of healing and magic.

Types of crystal and its application

Although many people think that the quartz crystal as normal, colorless, in fact most of precious and semi precious gemstones itself is crystal. Crystal can also be a prominent form of man-made crystal salt and sugar plantation glass crystal. Because of their beauty and strength, crystal has become very popular jewelry. Crystal necklace with crystal beads strung into a beautiful, crystal pendants or set of crystal earrings. Many people collect crystals, such as quartz crystal angel statue, animal figurines etc.. The crystal is also a very popular indoor decoration materials, usually used for glasses, plates, bowls, windows, chandeliers, candlesticks and other ornamental and functional Home Furnishing items. SWAROVSKI crystal jewelry is also widely used in industrial.

Crystals and their power

Crystal power are considered to be linked to several aspects. Most crystals were found to have a positive effect, and the crystal of different substances can be some people than others more favorable. This is the central idea, crystal and astrology together, bringing some of the crystal will be gracious to those born in the constellation of certain. Other crystal power is more common, such as treatment or purification quality. Healing Crystals, because they know, most often wear jewelry or hanging in the house windows and doors. They are also often found hanging on the rearview mirror of vehicle. Because of their versatility, crystal ornaments to create the perfect gift, especially a crystal bracelet, necklace.