The following is a great skill, good idea, wise advice to choose a real, excellent quality, exquisite crystal jewelry, especially for you.

(a) material:

No gas or liquid inclusion shape star, cloud wadding made in a piece of crystal jewelry looking and crystal quality could be found, and select those jewelry made of crystals of pure, smooth and clear character, if it is found that touches the irregular rupture stripes, crystal points, it can decide inferior.

(b) process:

Processing technology of crystal products of two types: graver, for example, crystal necklaces, bracelets and Earrings crystal belongs to the polishing pad, and a Buddism godness Guanyin crystal inside carving statues, carved pieces snuff bottle belongs to.

So the process of crystal ornaments exquisitely detailed can not only display the crystal ornaments, such as the external beauty of the design, characteristics of style and symmetry, but also can explore the inherent beauty is as bright and clear quality, color is very clever.

(C) polishing:

Polishing quality will directly affect the value of crystal jewelry. Silicon carbide polishing process in machining process must be through the crystal, and a careless and coarsely friction will leave traces on the crystal surface. Good crystal has good transparency and gloss natural, as a place to say "enough by the heat of a fire".

(d) the eye:

For those crystal jewelry, such as necklaces strung fin, bangles and beads, crystal beads in the hole to see whether straight or unnecessary, hole size fine symmetry or not, and there is not a small crack. At the same time the hole wall should be clear, clean, transparent, no "white marks".

(E) color:

Even in the same type of crystal jewelry, has the texture and color of the different part. In a particular simple color crystal jewelry should be made with the same colour crystals, and the different colors of the crystal, crystal ornaments, it needs to have a texture and color, elegant appearance.

(f) appropriate:

When you are a piece of crystal jewelry shopping, you should wear it a try to see if and size, jewelry elasticity and length are suitable for you. An inlaid jewelry, crystal jewelry is to ensure strong is necessary, aesthetic standards. In addition, another consideration is the design of jewelry, styles and colors with your health, your skin, your face and your clothes.